Welcome to my website!

The reason for me to build and maintain these pages is plain and simple: laziness.

"How in the world can he talk of being lazy and then set up a whole website for
his vehicles?" you might ask.

Well, the situation is as follows - imagine you own a nicely built rig and find yourself
in a crowd of people. Those guys (and very few girls...) keep asking the same
questions. I'm not saying they (the questions) are stupid, but after the 15th question
about what axles the Jeep has, how much lift it got, what size the tires are, what gas
milage I get aso aso - I'm getting tired of that. And you would be fed up with that
too - I promise.

The other way would have been to print 100s of spec sheets and place a self-service
display in front of the Jeep. Of course, that wasn't really an option. Oh, if something
isn't listed among the specs, than it's still bone stock . . . or I simply forgot to add it.

So, for all you being eager for knowledge: